How it Works

How it Works

Both Matter uses a peaceful process to divorce with children, outlined below. Your Plan will be shaped by the experiences of other parents with priorities and challenges similar to yours. Our non-confrontational approach incorporates the needs of parents, anticipates challenges and reduces the opportunities for conflict while putting your child or children first.

1) Intake

GET STARTED: Complete the Initial Intake - and we'll invite your coparent to do the same.

2) Parenting Plan Exercises

You will complete a series of exercises giving us the information necessary for mediation.

3) Mediation

Most of mediation can be completed from home, on your schedule, at your pace.

– Please note: nothing we offer is designed to supplant legal advice. Contact an attorney regarding any legal matter. –

It is not necessary for both parents to participate to generate a Parenting Plan. Of course, the likelihood that your coparent will agree to the suggested plan is severely diminished without his or her participation.

Packages start at $2,000. Many parents can complete mediation without spending more. However, parents with higher conflict will spend more.

Step 1 (Intake) takes less than 5 minutes.

Step 2 (Parenting Plan Exercises) will take between two and eight hours depending on the complexity your situation and level of conflict.

Step 3 (Mediation) may be completed in as little as three hours.  Again, it depends largely on the complexity your situation and level of conflict

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