child-focused divorce

How it Works

Both Matter helps parents generate equitable Parenting Plans using our the process outlined below. Your Parenting Plan will be shaped by the experiences of other coparents with priorities and challenges similar to yours. Our non-confrontational approach incorporates the needs of parents, anticipates challenges and reduces the opportunities for conflict while putting your child or children first.


GET STARTED: submit your contact info, complete the Intake Questionnaire, and we'll invite your ex to do the same.

Parenting Plan Exercises

You and your coparent will complete a series of exercises giving us the info necessary to match you with the right mediator.


The mediator will contact both parents to highlight areas of agreement, challenges and begin mediation on your schedule.

Save Heartache, Time and Money using our methodical approach to creating an equitable parenting plan. You may need some combination of professional help (or none at all). Our process and Featured Courses will help you streamline your time spent with each of the following:
- counselor
- mediator
- attorney

If you’d like to evaluate an Online Course without completing the intake you can poke around a demo version of ‘Present’ HERE. Some content is hidden and navigation tools are disabled in the demo.

– Please note: nothing we offer is designed to supplant legal advice. Contact an attorney regarding any legal matter. –

Right now we’re still developing the product so the service is free.

Step 1 (Intake) takes less than 5 minutes.

Step 2 (Prepare for Challenges) consists of a ten minute phone call, however, we can’t prepare you for challenges until your coparent completes the intake.

Step 3 (Parenting Plan Preparation) requires about two hours from each parent. It may take up to three days to receive the suggested Parenting Plan.

It is not necessary for both parents to participate to generate a Parenting Plan. Of course, the likelihood that your coparent will agree to the suggested plan is severely diminished without his or her participation.

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