Divorce in Texas

The ‘Must-Knows’ of Texas Divorce

 A lot of websites will state that you’re able to divorce 60 days after filing a divorce petition with the court in Texas. While that’s technically true, most parents take six, and up to eighteen months to settle their differences before they’re able to get in front of a Judge to finalize the divorce. The more conflict and complexity, the longer it will take.


The spouse filing for divorce does not have to prove any fault, wrongdoing or marital misconduct.


Even when you are living apart, all of the property or debt you acquire is ‘community’ property and debt.


Texas Judges require several criteria are met in the Parenting Plan portion of the Divorce Decree.


Nevertheless, there are professionals that can help you divorce without engaging attorneys.

Around 60,000 to 75,000 couples divorce in Texas each year with a preponderance (see what I did there) happening in January, after the holiday season.

In fact, many divorces are initiated the day children go back to school. I don’t mean to make light of the situation though. We often recommend parents talk to a family therapist, or at least take a cooling off period, before filing for divorce right after what is often a very stressful time. Figuring out the logistics of taking a small child or children halfway across the country – and then doing it – is not easy. The dynamics of choosing whose family to visit, meshing with the other family, the disappointment and guilt trip from the other side – it all piles up. Add to that financial stressors and you have a recipe for divorce.

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