2: Present

2: Present

The goal of this course is to help you prioritize the needs of your child or children over fighting with your ex. We also shed light on the gross injustices typical in family court litigation.

It’s nearly impossible to be objective and rational when your child is caught in the middle of a custody battle. We start the course with a few short lessons to provide insights into how the mind perceives & processes various types of information and situations – and the biases introduced by those patterns of thought. Then, we present you with the reality of the family court system: that it has nothing to do with your child’s best interests. Instead, the family court system generally increases tension between parents while lawyers extract vast amounts of money – often with little to show for it.

Next, you’ll upload pictures you want your coparent to see that illustrate the love you and your child have for one another. Then you’ll describe your child’s relationship with you – and with your coparent. Finally you’ll describe in detail the challenges you and your coparent are currently facing.

– Legal Disclaimer: Consult an attorney about any legal matter –

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